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Planned Giving & Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle

“I am deeply committed to Green Mountain Habitat because it brings the community together to assist families who want to build a decent place of their own and, in the process, change their lives and the lives of their children. I do not know of another organization where everyone involved benefits.” – John Owen

The wonderful people, who donate through Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity to build homes for local families in need of safe and affordable homes, understand that their gifts provide a long-term “hand up” rather than a short-term “hand out”. A number of donors have shared with us that they have established ongoing and future donations through their estate plans or planned giving. As a result and request of these philanthropic individuals. The Green Mountain Legacy Circle was created to encourage others to include GMHfH in their wills or estate plans. A quote by Nelson Henderson, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Might be paraphrased as “Creating a legacy gift will help to build homes to shelter families years from now.”

Planned Giving

If you are looking for a creative way to give to Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity, we hope you will consider “planned giving” as another way to support Green Mountain Habitat’s mission.

Planned giving is a form of charitable giving in which gifts come from accumulated resources, such as real estate or marketable securities, rather than from current income, either during life or upon death.

In your will, you may name Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity (Federal tax ID #22-2558923) as a beneficiary using simple wording such as:

I give, devise and bequeath to Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity, with offices in Williston, Vermont, or its successor in interest, ( a % or cash value), to be used for its general purposes, outright and free of trust.

Some planned giving techniques are straightforward and easy to accomplish, such as leaving your property to Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity through your will or naming Green Mountain Habitat as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan.  Other techniques are more complex, such as creating a charitable gift annuity or establishing a charitable remainder trust.  Some further options include gifts of life insurance, stock, or gifts of real estate, including the grant of a remainder interest in your personal residence.  Your estate planning attorney can talk you through what options might be tailored to best fit your individual circumstances.

Regardless of the technique chosen, planned giving can help you realize a wide range of benefits that allow you to give to Habitat in a manner that is in line with your other financial, tax and estate planning goals.  In some cases, it can provide for an additional income stream, gift and estate tax deductions, and creditor protections.  In every circumstance, planned giving preserves your legacy and furthers Green Mountain Habitat’s vision for a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

If you have any questions about your planned giving options, please contact your estate planning attorney. For specific questions about Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity, please reach out to Catherine Stevens, Advancement Director, at 802-872-8726.

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The Ayers family, a Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity family, enjoying their new home