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Meet the Families

Meet the Families

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with financial donors and volunteers, builds between 5 to 7 perpetually affordable and decent homes each year. Home ownership enables families to become more financially stable, to have healthier outcomes and their children to be more likely to graduate from high school and to access post-secondary education.

Ling, her two young sons and her bother shared one bedroom in a cousin’s home so having their own home

Melissa and her two daughters moved into their South Burlington home, happy to have an affordable place to live. “I

Ganesh and Indra were so grateful to move into their new home in Burlington along with their two sons (the

“Owning an affordable home will be a game changer and provide stability for my family. Our new home in Essex

The McSweeney Family enjoying their new home, built by Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity volunteers
Imagine living in an apartment, with paper-thin walls, no GFIs, a breaker box next to water and non-working smoke detectors
The Regmi Family, a Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity family
From a Refugee camp in Nepal to a Green Mountain Habitat home at Harrington Village in Shelburne Imagine living in
The Pradhan Family, a Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity family
“Nepalese saying: “When we wait a long time with passion, the fruit is much sweeter” Isn’t that a wonderful saying?
“It gives us such pride that we’ll be homeowners!” Amber and Ira, their son and Ira’s father moved into their
One of our Green Mountain Habitat families, moving into their new home.
“I’m in awe that so many people are helping to build our home and that the volunteers work so hard.”
“We’ve tried for years to find an apartment we could afford on our salaries but everything is too expensive so
Faith, hard work, patience and a dream were the driving forces for Ahmed and Jasmin to move to Vermont from