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Women Build

Women Build

Our Women Build Week is an annual event to raise awareness about the housing crisis and its disproportionate impact on women-led households. Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity recognizes the critical role women play in their communities and the unique challenges they face in achieving homeownership. The event is not about excluding men; rather, it is about empowering women in a traditionally male-dominated space. Members of all gender identities are encouraged and welcome to participate.

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History of Women Build

In 1991, group of women in Charlotte, North Carolina, built Habitat for Humanity house with all women volunteers. With this event, the seeds for Habitat’s Women Build program were planted. A handful of Habitat affiliates continue to build houses with women crews.

The program continues to grow across international borders, empowering women everywhere to address housing issues for themselves, their families and their neighbors.

Green Mountain Habitat participates in Women Build yearly and continues to grow our program.

A Habitat volunteer wearing an "every woman has the power to change the world" t-shirt

Importance of Women Build

Women Build empowers women to take an active role in addressing housing issues while breaking down gender barriers in construction. The program provides opportunities for women to learn valuable skills and directly contribute to creating safe, affordable homes for Vermont families. Women Build addresses the disproportionate impact of poor living conditions on women and children, allowing participants to take proactive steps in serving their communities.

The initiative also raises awareness about challenges women face in housing, such as property rights and homeownership access, while fostering a sense of solidarity and community engagement. Through Women Build, Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity not only builds homes but also builds stronger, more inclusive communities where women are empowered to create positive change.

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Empowering Women

Women Build is not about excluding men or other gender identities; rather, it aims to empower women in the community and encourage gender equality.

At its core, Women Build serves as a platform to elevate women’s voices and advocate for their rightful place in the housing sector. Traditionally male-dominated, the construction industry has seen a remarkable shift with the emergence of initiatives like Women Build. By actively engaging women in the construction process, Women Build challenges stereotypes, promotes inclusivity, and fosters a culture of empowerment.

Women Build through the Years

Women Build Sponsors

Our Women Build Week is an annual event to raise awareness about the housing crisis and its disproportionate impact on women-led households. Teams are responsible for raising funds to cover the cost of the day’s building materials, site supervision, meals, and swag. Learn more about sponsorships by contacting our Volunteer Manager (!

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